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French businesses are leaving do to taxation and over regulation, a warning to America
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Posted 3/18/2014 22:20 (#3762230 - in reply to #3761949)
Subject: RE: French businesses are leaving do to taxation and over regulation, a warning to America

Lubbock, Texas
it is funny that Maurice "Maury The Grizz" Taylor Jr. was quoted as being the CEO of Goodyear and yet the picture caption correctly had Titan International and Goodyear still owns the French factory and Titan was looking to buy it of they could get past the "French way"

also you have to love the self hate in the French president who is himself "rich" by any measure of the imagination......he should lop his own head off instead of killing France if he feels that way.......sort of like our wildly wealthy trust fund lover dumbocrat politicians always "looking out for the little guy" while stealing from those that actually work to pay for the lazy "little guy" and their poor ways and lack of personal responsibility and personal ambition

the real problems in developed countries is we still live with a labor work a day mindset in a technology mental based economy so we still look for "population growth" for the sake of population growth based on the idiot idea that "no successful country has ever had a declining population"........which was correct back when humans were valued based on their ability to man a shovel or hoe

so we import low skilled third worlders and even worse their families and dependents on a failed attempt to hold back the progress and mechanization of formerly labor intensive industries while demanding they are paid a "livable wage" by those that are wildly wealthy and crying about a loaf of bread costing $1.50 instead of $.99

we know for a fact that as education level increases birth rates decrease and we try everything under the sun (other than sterilization spay and neuter programs or the export of our abortion drive thru on demand industry pushed by the left) to get third world populations to decrease because it is "killing the earth".......but the results of those programs like paying them not to industrialize with idiot algore carbon credit programs and handing them food with impunity only results in keeping them stupid and uneducated and nothing but third world feral breeders.......look at ethopeia the results of our "food programs" there is that they have doubled their population or more since that time while their economy, food programs and pretty much everything else is in shambles.......well except for their out of control breeding

the answer of course is the same as the answer with our own native third world populations littering our need to make them work so hard, so long, so many hours and days a week that the last thing on their mind when they finally fall out in their hammock or bed of straw is to breed another mouth to feed

if 15% to 20% of our population was to spontaneously combust tomorrow (in an area away from anything flammable) the only result for our country would be a 10,000,000% net positive..........jails would go to near empty........screaming uneducatable incorrigible children of feral breeders would disappear from our schools........crime would drop like a rock in all measures..........hard drug use would drop dramatically.......spousal abuse would decline dramatically and the net result would be that very very very small % of the population that does just want to work and might not have all it takes to be a dr, computer programmer, engineer ect would see more help wanted signs in the window and a higher "livable wage" and many might say "well what if one of the 34 McDonalds in my city has to close because they can't get workers" and of course the answer to that is NOTHING.......because there are 2X LESS the amount of make McJobs type "workers" left to fill those jobs than those jobs currently employ (when they actually bother to get a job and show up and work)and more importantly those that actually would be happy to work that job especially for a decent wage will step up and fill the void because they will no longer be beat down by working with a crew made up if 50% former and future felons and 100% LOSERS

an example......there were only 3 Chick-Fil-As in my city of 200K people serving an area of 1,000,000+ with a major university

one of those is on the university campus so it really does not count......the other was in the mall so it barely counts.......the one there was that was free standing had lines literally around the building nightly yet you could get food and service there that was faster, friendlier, more correct on the order and 1,000% all around better than ANY of the 30+ McDonalds that litter the city........and of ANY of the McDonalds in town had that type of business they would have probably "locked up" and gone into crash down overload blow up mode and melted down to where they had to send the manager out and tell people to go home the were closing for the night

Chick-Fil-A finally opened a second free standing restaurant and it does the same business every night, night in and night out, same great food, same great service, same correct orders all is well

McDonalds still sucks at pretty much 100% of their stores

so I am sure some obama voter will say "well pay more like Chick-Fil-A does", but what the obama bots (and the French) fail to understand is some CHOOSE to be worthless losers and there is no financial incentive you can provide them to do otherwise and the more financial incentive you provide to a LOSER the more self destructive behaviors they will engage in and the worse the will be to deal with as an employee and the more they will demand as they squander the resources you do provide them at an ever faster and more destructive is the "lotto winner"/"pro sports playa" give an uneducated, undisciplined, feral, irresponsible buffoon tons of resources and you watch in amazement as they find new and ever more stupid ways to use those resources for the destruction of themselves and everything around them and have nothing left to help their spawn not be as ignorant as stupid as they are when it all blow up 3-5 years later

these are the "people" that need to live a SUBSISTENCE lifestyle at the end of a weedeater, shovel, hoe handle, ditcher, trash bag.......they are NOT the people that are "too educated for those jobs" so we DO NOT need to import more 3rd worlders to replace them at the jobs they should be FORCED to do at the risk of their PeRzonAl "freemonds" and cibil rices and they are the people that should be spayed and neutered once it is clear their one kid is not coming to school fed or clothed or with a lunch to eat when they are GIVEN food stamps and they are NOT the people that need to be relieved of the "burden" or making a breakfast for their "chillinez" or a lunch for "dey gooboiz n gurls" before they go to school and snacks for the way home or weekend.....HELL NO

these are the "people" that should lose more and more freedoms and "cibil rices" and ability to move freely in society as they show their inability to be responsible until our population of these types moves towards zero or flatlines at a VERY VERY VERY low % of society and then we should NOT import more turd worlders and their dependents to replace them

we should either allow a ROTATION OF LESS THAN A YEAR for UNSKILLED LABOR WITH NO DEPENDENTS IN TOW for our FOOD SECURITY and other national security interest (farming and food) or we should use our advanced society to move towards automation as our idiot base of feral imbeciles declines to a very controllable and manageable level and the jobs of the losers they used to OVER PRODUCE decline and then other jobs that are not in national security interest like making rubber tomahawks, putting caps on toothpaste tubes, making toothpicks, blow molding plastic forks can either pay a more livable wage (because of supply demand not government forced wage stupidity) and same with low skill service sector jobs like shammying a car dry that was just run through an automatic car wash or scooping ice cream or bagging groceries (actually seems to be greatly suffering from "skill" lately) and we can AFFORD to pay slightly more for that because our population of incorrigible losers breeding, littering "scroolz" and terrorizing others children, panhandling, clogging our amberlamps and 'mergency rooms and prisons and police logs will dramatically decline and the resources we wasted on them will either be available for others (more supply less demand lower cost) or for export to countries that are now benefiting from toothpick making and toothpaste screwing jobs and the resources that welfare losers squandered their "urningz" on like crappy, 4 door, pollution belching, 80s era junk cars on "dubs", wiff thumpin up en hur and "gold grillz" (en dey mouf an on dey hooptie) and all of that other garbage crap like rent-a-center furniture that they destroy and never pay 100% for will just no longer be needed and since 99% of that garbage is made elsewhere besides the USA because it is GARBAGE our economy will not miss that spending AT ALL and the fact that those losers are now ashes blowing in the wind after their spontaneous combustion will be a MASSIVE benefit to us

and at the same time as we still need plastic forks, rubber tomahawks, cheap halloween mask, rainbow fro wigs and cheese heads to wear to football games those jobs can be outsources to turd worlders and once we get those turd worlders working IN THEIR DAMN HELL HOLE NOT IMPORTED INTO OUT FIRST WORLD COUNTRY well their country in their "developing days" and under less than free conditions will make sure those horny little potential breeders work eoungh hours on the assembly line and go home tired enough that they no longer BREED LIKE RATS! eating FREE FOOD AND BREEDING MORE WHILE BEING TOO STUPID TO EVEN DIG A PROPER LATRINE

and as their kids see how hard their parents WORK INSTEAD OF SEEING HOW HARD THEIR LOSER MOM AND DEADBEAT NON-EXISTENT DAD WORK TO MILK THE SYSTEM AND SCREW THE WHOLE their kids will get an EDUCATION AND TAKE EDUCATION SERIOUSLY OR THEIR PARENTS WILL SPANK THEM AND THEIR SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS WILL CHASTISE THEIR PARENTS INSTEAD OF CODDLING ALL OF THEM and their country will have a decline on population, an increase in education level, will move towards automation, squander less resources on the unproductive and things will come into balance there as well

but alas this is just too difficult to wrap a liberal mind around so we just have to keep importing an permanent underclass because that is all that is stupid enough to vote for those that take from those that can and will and give to those that can't and WON'T and our educated responsible population declines as a % of population while the feral and foolish flourishes and runs the country headlong into FRANCE!.......a broken hell hole filled with marauding third world africans hell bent on going crazy every chance they get and burning something while wondering why the have nothing and live in squalor and instead of deporting them by the cargo ship load France just capitulates and hands them more while rewarding those that would even remotely be productive with "work rules" that make sure that any company left in the country will be globally uncompetitive and BROKE in short order or they will PACK UP AND ABANDON THE FRENCH WAY!

we need 30 million LESS AMERICANS TOMORROW.......and probably 30 million LESS the day after that......send the 15+ million illegals BACK HOME FOR GOOD UNLESS THEY WANT TO COME WITHOUT DEPENDENTS FOR 9 MONTHS AT A TIME.......tie the tubes on la'quisha and crunk'hilda and snip snip to da-quan and tron'delson and la-trunka and the like.......make their PARENTS WORK doing ANYTHING but breeding or destruction or breeding destruction......make sure they think EVERY NIGHT I DO NOT WANT MORE KIDS EVER PERIOD

that is the answer for the USA and ALL developed countries and hell look at China as an example they are not declining in population, but if "mo moufs" was the answer they surely would not have the 1 child rule and those that break the one child rule have TOP RATE GENETICS not genetics that only show a propensity for breeding irresponsibly and frequently like we have "gettin' bizzy ep en hur" here in the USA and fun babying us to DEATH

Edited by rodrod5 3/18/2014 22:33
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