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Dec 02, 2017 5:59 PM (1805 views)

"Mounted on a rectangular tube frame, the Supercoulter’s blades are designed to run straight for true vertical tillage performance. Simply put, it doesn’t move soil horizontally. Instead, it “scores” the soil, helping to achieve optimal soil fracturing and promoting deep root growth.
Hydraulic Hitch
The patented hydraulic hitch allows you to transfer weight between the front and rear gangs. Placing more weight on the front helps the Supercoulter slice through tough residue and hard, dry ground. Shifting weight to the rear results in more aggressive soil movement and better residue incorporation. The hydraulic hitch can also be operated in float position, which works well for seedbed preparation and operation in rocky conditions.
Super-Flex™ C-Shanks
The unique Super-Flex™ gang mounting system is designed to absorb shocks from rocks and stumps, providing protection from blade damage. The toggle-mounted, triple-seal ball bearings are also designed to self-align as the gang flexes. We have one ready for your farm."

For Sale
$32,430 USD
Contact : PerformanceAg
Performance Ag Indiana
Eric Frank, Nathan Fridlund, Tim Thompson


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