Kuchar concaves for Case ih Midrange

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Jul 09, 2019 5:24 PM (2064 views)

A used set, 1 years old of Kuchar concaves for a midrange Case IH combine. Save 35% off new. Comes with 3 and filler plate. A much improvement from the roundbars in corn. In wet and damp conditions, the trash will not flow through the roundbars but hangup on them and block the kernels from falling through causing rotor loss. Can use same concaves on soybeans, just add filler plate. I also had trouble cutting soybeans when I had a cover crop interseeded into crop. If it was damp towards the morning or evening, the grass cover would hangup and totally block the concaves. With the kuchar, I never had that happen. Selling combine so don't need anymore, put new set on our new one.

$1,500 USD
Contact : jeffpaul17
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