Bale Feeder for Goats/ Calves/ Sheep

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Jun 11, 2021 9:56 AM (1610 views)
Elk Creek, NE

Round Hay Bale Feeders
Built by: Elk Creek Welding & Steel Products, Inc. (pictures and other products on our website)

Bale Feeder for Goats/ Calves/ Sheep
Overhead design lets smaller animals feed from underneath! Parallel support bars discourage climbing! Rugged one piece construction!!
*Dimensions:,7’ long, 6’ tall, 94” wide
*Raised bale carriage prevents climbing and subsequent wasting of hay
*Slotted openings allow for easy access, but discourage excess waste

The "Turnover" Round Bale Feeder
Feeds large animals one way with a 25" high skirt; turns over to feed smaller animals with a 21" skirt
Upper skirt eliminates waste from wind or stock pulling feed over the top
*Diameter 8'6", 650 lbs, 71" total height
*Extra heavy one-piece construction
*11 gauge square tube frame
*14 gauge skirts
*Optional "bale sling" $150
A flexible chain "sling" supports and centers the bale while it is in the feeder and any feed that is torn loose will remain in the feeder

The "Bullfalo" Round Bale Feeder
This feeder is just plain heavy duty!! Built to deal with the punishments of buffalo and bulls
*Main frame: 2"x 2"x 3/16" square tubing bottom ring; 2"x 2"x 1/8" upper rings- one piece welded!
*Sub frame: 1 1/2"x 1 1/2"x 11 gauge square tubing
*Skirt 14 gauge sheet metal 26" high
*620 lbs, 54" total height
*Optional heavy duty durable flaps installed- $200
helps to save even more feed

Extra Heavy Duty Round Bale Feeder for Horses
*8' 6" diameter, 2" square tube main frame, 24" high skirt
*Open top design

16' Skid Feeder
Feeds 2-3 large round bales or 2-4 large square bales. Will also feed loose hay, ground hay, and silage. Slant bars around the feeder discourage animals from pulling out and wasting feed.
Solid panels around the top and a row of "feed bars" on the inside combined with a sloped solid floor saves your feed!
*Bunk top is 25" high
*3" square tube main frame
*Solid 12 gauge steel floor and sides
*All bars are 1 1/2"x 11 gauge square tube
*Outside slant bars/ Inside feed bars
A rugged long lasting unit!

Delivery Available!!

For Sale
Contact : ecwasp
Elk Creek Welding & Steel Products (find us on Facebook)
62103 722 RD
Elk Creek, NE 68348

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