U can't afford bad emergence trust Furrow Cruiser!Furrow Cruiser!

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Jun 05, 2018 7:17 AM (1569 views)

Give us a call you won't find them any cheaper.
CopperheadAg WHEELS - WE'LL MAKE YOU A DEAL! Contact us for a quote to outfit YOUR planter with these closing wheels.

About the Furrow Cruiser -
-Improves seed-to-soil contact.
-Unique combination of sidewall crumbling and soil firming
-Allows young roots to penetrate sidewalls.
-Fits into your existing closing wheel hubs.
-Prevents furrow from re-opening
-Angular tooth design helps prevent clogging.
-Built-in depth control allos for use with multiple crops.
-Works in virtually all soil and tillage conditions.
-Especially effective in saturated soils.

Furrow Cruisers® Eliminate sidewall compaction!
Sidewall compaction prevents roots from penetrating soil, resulting in uneven emergence, poor stands, and decreased root growth. Furrow Cruisers® crumble this sidewall - Problem Solved!

Furrow Cruisers® fit into your closing wheel hubs!
Furrow Cruisers® are designed to fit into the closing wheel hubs on John Deere, Kinze, and late model White planters. They also fit the Case/IH-SDX-30 and SDX-40 no-till drills. This saves you money - no need to buy an entire new assembly - Problem Solved!

For Sale
$1 USD
Contact : PerformanceAg
Performance Ag Indiana

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