Pill mentality
Posted 5/22/2021 06:13 (#9018286 - in reply to #9016521)
Subject: RE: Pill mentality

Two things driving pill mentality.

#1. Consumers. Visiting with a doctor he said that people prefer to jump over lifestyle and food (hate the word "diet"- it's loaded with baggage) and go right to, "You got a pill for this?"
Is it unreasonable for folks to reach for the pill bottle given #2?

#2. When they do address food and lifestyle the doctors these junkies run into offer nothing more than the, "Starve yourself of calories and run your butt off; oh, and don't eat red meat or fat, they will kill you dead."

Around and around you go.....

********** And then that quack on NAT, (Dr. Burns) sends you off to see Butter Bob on YouTube! Oh my! ********
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