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In my experience with Sentera's stand counts is this;

Corn; works extremely well. The software can count individual plants and can give very accurate results and long as your crop is weed free. (See first image "green boxes" detects individual plants)

Soybean stand count is different. Compared to corn that is planted between 30 to 40,000 plants, beans are planted between 125,000 to 200,000 plants per acre. Where individual corn plants are counted, bean population counts the gaps. (see image where the red lines are showing gaps (also the image is of sugarbeet plants not beans but works the same)

You need to provide row spacing and projected planted population (this information is used to determine the plant spacing i.e. a plant population of 170,000 on 22" rows the plants need to be X many inches apart). The software then looks for gaps and subtracts the plants missing and provides and estimated population ( so if a plant or several plants are missing this reduces the population).

Here lies the problem. On our farm we have not invested in a "high speed" planter that plants individual seeds, we use a planter that still uses a seed plate that drops 3 seed at a time. When this happens we have "bunching" of seed plants (3 plants close together) that leaves more gaps, thus lower estimated plant population from a remote sensing criteria . So where I planted 170,000 plants, the software estimated populations of 130 to 140,000. But when I went and ground truthed those areas I had 155 to 160,000 plants many of them bunched together.

Also the bean plants needed to be a certain size to get your most accurate count. (In my estimation way to late for replant decisions).

I am interested in other grower experiences.


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