When this thing turns
Posted 5/1/2021 21:16 (#8982457 - in reply to #8982432)
Subject: RE: When this thing turns

Southern IA
farmforever - 5/1/2021 21:07

My thoughts are a dry stretch this summer will lead to a lot of cows getting their heads cut. Packers will use it as an excuse to keep prices from rising due to the extra trimmings on the market. If the grains stay high kill weights will drop and prices remain steady. The Calves are already born so feeder calf numbers will not drop until the following yr. I think best chance for turn around is next fall for feeder cattle if kill weights stay lower and calf numbers arent there due to herd reduction. Fats finally turn the page spring 23. By then there will be a a flood or other natural disaster to bring prices back to where they want

Likely will be a flood of government money by then. Packers will lobby the gov for relief money to keep feeders breaking even while they crank out huge profits on the cut end, indirectly subsidizing themselves. Feeders will be all over the welfare and the same old business will continue, just as it has the last few years further and further into serfdom.
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