My Dad went home.
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Subject: RE: My Dad went home.

Soldiers Grove Wi. 54655
Thank you all very much~ It was a wonderful send off and of course will be different around here, He had a great run and didn't let any grass grow under his feet... I was lucky to be able to make every moment count since Mom passed in 2010 for him but one always wishes for one more day~ I and my family were very lucky to have him as our Dad and our parents were special as could be.. He's home and I am very happy for him.... Gonna miss him immensely though~
Again, Thanks so much for the kind words~

PS: On a sad note I went to get gas out of my tank on the farm yesterday that I just topped off right before I started staying over nights with Dad and my sister 2 1/2 months ago and someone's been sneaking in during the nights and either drained and took it all at one time or whenever they seen my vehicle at Dad's. 250 gallons. My own fault as my batteries were dead in the game cam so no pictures. Not surprising though I guess as at my aunt's funeral about 5 years ago we had a guy that tried to walk out the door with all the sympathy cards but he was caught and got a free night in the county jail. It's sad the world has to have people that will search the papers and look for obits, or keep an eye on people they know will be gone so they can steal rather than work for a living... :(
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