Who knows about "Chrome casting"?
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Subject: RE: Who knows about "Chrome casting"?

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a google chromecast is a $20 to now $50 device to turn any hdmi port on a "screen" into a device which receive a video and/or audio signal over wifi

that said, the originator of the signal (laptop, desktop or phone) has to be using a google product.) (as far as I understand it nyway)

I am far more familiar with desktops running windows 10 so I always end up using google chrome to send the data to the device - you can either broadcast a tab or the whole desktop....

In my house, I use cellular phones for internet, (and a lot of times I use them for their router) but they do not have the capacity to transfer that much data that good, so we have found it best to just skip the chromecast, use the laptop to get the video/audio strem of choice and broadcast to the device thru a cable - so I am not much help to you

Incidentaly, do not confuse Microsoft casting with google casting - they both may do the same thing but are not the same and don't work at all together - as far as I know you can't broadcast from Edge to a chromecast and I don't know what kind of device is required to receive the Edge casting signal

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