An N=2 test on eating only meat
John Burns
Posted 4/23/2021 09:02 (#8968589)
Subject: An N=2 test on eating only meat

Pittsburg, Kansas

Wife and I decided to eat only meat for a month.

We are not doing it super strictly. At home we stay almost 100% but we still do get some incidental plant food in spices. I still use a little black pepper and mustard and we had chili last night that has a small amount of tomato paste and of course chili pepper seasoning. So not 100% strict at home but no conventional vegetables. When we eat out we allow a little more leeway. For example I had a deli dog (hot dog covered in chili) at local eatery and let them go ahead and put the small amount of lettuce and tomato on top of it (but without the bun). Point is, we are not being 100% strict but still 95-99% of what we eat is meat and eggs.

We have also cut out cheese and dairy for the most part too. Again, we make exceptions when we eat out. We had a breakfast type meal for lunch (meat lovers omlet for me and eggs and bacon for wife) that the only viable option for sides was cottage cheese so did a double for that. But at home we have quit eating cheese :-(   We love cheese.

Why? A couple of reasons. Wife has stalled on keto for weight loss. She has lost a bunch of weight but it did not keep falling off like it did for me. She lost about half of what she wanted and has been stuck at that weight for the last year or year and a half. For me my goal is to get my fasting blood sugar level down. I'm diabetic and have been controlling my blood glucose very effectively with diet (on zero medication after previously taking 100 units of insulin a day and two diabetic drugs for many, many years). My after meal readings are great for a diabetic usually between 125 and 145. But my morning fasting usually run around 125-135 which is higher than I would like it to be. Supposed to be a decent number for well controlled diabetes, but still higher than would be best. So those are what we are trying to find out if we can improve. This is not something we plan on doing long term, but just something to see if we can "get over a hump". We will see.

We started on April 6. So far results are wife thinks she might have lost a pound or two but such a small amount hard to tell if it is just normal fluctuation. But for me I have dropped my last two morning readings of blood glucose down to 98 and 102. Dropping my fasting blood glucose readings by 20 points is not insignificant.

I think one of the things tripping up my fasting blood glucose is we would have a keto desert every night. Either a home made yogurt with just a very few berries or keto cheesecake with a few berries. Low carb but not no carb. I'm pretty sure eating this fairly late (usually around 8pm) was tripping up my fasting blood glucose and suspect it could have been contributing to wife's weight loss stall.

So..... so far so good. We will continue it for the remainder of a month then reevaluate. May continue on another month or quit. We do miss our evening "treat" desert though otherwise are not really missing the vegetables as long as we use spices and low carb condiments like mustard.

Thought some might be interested in this so will let you follow along if you are interested. If not that is fine, just skip my posts.

Edit: Bonus link. I am watching this right now and it has some interesting thoughts that could be associated with what we are trying. It has to do with iron deficiency. Will just drop it here for those interested. Ivor Cummins interview "Elusive Iron".

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