Tractors that I have known - the Farmall F-20
Farmer at heart OG.
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Subject: RE: Tractors that I have known - the Farmall F-20

Oh dear Lord! Been a while since I've laughed that hard. Maybe help's that I have a couple F-20 memories myself. The time we wanted to move full hay wagon's at the other farm up the road and road crew was laying blacktop. I came flying up that road in high gear full throttle. Belching black smoke and fire balls out the pipe where most have mufflers but not this relic. Poor sign girl is wondering what the heck is heading her way in 2001 that sounds and crawl's at that speed. Just as I get close enough to see if she's cute or not she flips that sign to stop. I get old Nelly corralled and halted still backfiring some. I'm Thinking I sure hope I can get this bad machine wound up to full speed and rpm when that sign goes to slow. I sure did but that line of car's behind me really found out what slow was. The other memory was I got Nelly out to play and thought it would be neat to play later so I'll put Nelly on the bottom of the barn hill in gear with park brake on so I can just roll some pop clutch to restart later. I'm by the shop working on a project when the Hired Gal we had helping on the farm at the time is walking over by me to see what's going on. Just as she walked past Nelly on the hill the park brake kicks off with a slam and Wroom! there goes Nelly running by itself toward the calf shed maybe 60ft. away. The Gal scream's my name as Nelly roar's to life and takes off for the calf shed. I could run like the wind back in those days yet but am thinking there is no way I can catch Nelly before that calf shed but just maybe I can get to it when it's thru the first wall and a few hutches instead of the whole calf shed. Well I must have set a world running record as heck Nelly isn't to the shed yet and as luck had it Nelly was running directly toward the open garage door to shed where the 1st broadside calf hutch was just inside. In one great jump I long jumped onto Nelly cranking the front wheels to the left and slamming the right brake to Nelly killing her of life the front tires were 4inch short of that hutch. A short while later I cranked Nelly over to start and put her back in the storage shed to end my playing days with that relic.
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