A welcome new poster. Wilger industries
Posted 4/8/2021 09:16 (#8939531 - in reply to #8939241)
Subject: RE: A welcome new poster. Wilger industries

Damn, you guys are darn well making me blush. haha

To be honest, spend the time out here cuz its worth it. Not just for sales side of things, but applicators/farmers/growers or whoever often have so few resources to actually talk tips outside of a sales pitch, its nice for a forum that can be anonymous as you want it to be to free up some room to talk.

That being said, I'm sure I'm giving too much info or digging too deep most of the time, but if it helps someone down the road get a lightbulb moment and get better, its totally worth it.

I typically have good relationships with the other nozzle manufacturers, and we all get along for the most part. lol. I don't mind calling it as it is for some stuff and try keep pretty unbiased at least with most of the info.

Appreciate the props though.
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