Best water meter for sprayer
Posted 4/8/2021 01:42 (#8939111 - in reply to #8939041)
Subject: RE: Best water meter for sprayer

Southern Missouri
Never seen one yet that ethephon wouldn’t screw up ,even if you just get a little on the outside of the meter let alone run some through it,plainly marked in gallons on outside of mixing cone eliminated meters for us ,ethephon is an acid that several of the chemicals we use has in it,wish I had all the money I ever threw away on meters and the dollars for the extra chemicals used because the meters were just slowly coming out of calibration,because that’s what they do when they start screwing up ,We bulk flow the chemicals by gravity { no chemical pumps either,ethephon does same thing to them}into the top of the cones through a manifold that has four shuttles attached to manifold ,those marks on the side of our 75 gallon mixing cones haven’t come out of calibration yet,been probably 10 years now.JMHO.
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