Midsouth Style Tillage [seveal pictures]
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Subject: RE: Midsouth Style Tillage [seveal pictures]

central - east central Minnesota -

AR Plowboy - 4/7/2021 17:36

I guess I should just say my style. I don't know of anyone else still running these old cultivators. The bedder roller was one of the original before everyone and their brother started building some type of bedder roller tool. The first tool I am running is just a bed conditioner that has a wide sweep running in the top of the bed and furrow plows running in the middles. It's not doing a very pretty job but it's cutting the old bean stalks off and plowing the furrows out. Running it allows the bedder roller to do a better job and also pull easier. This ground had a para-till run over it last fall except for four rows out of 20 for my sprayer to run on.

That is very similar to "Ridge Tillage" - ridge till made berms (30in rows) and in the spring would shave some of the ridge (bed) off while planting and dirt would be exposed to warm up quicker. Warm up quicker needed in our northern cold soils and wet conditions. Yours look good - do you then flood or furrow irrigate between those beds ?  TIA

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