Just some thoughts about the last year
Posted 4/6/2021 03:58 (#8935885)
Subject: Just some thoughts about the last year

My MIL recently passed away and last night we had a visitation for her. My FIL had passed just before the covid days late last Feb. They both were in their 90’s, married for 70+ years and enjoyed many good years of retirement. I think it’s sunk in on me how hard this past year of reduced visits and gatherings have been. I’ve seen elderly that have lost a long time spouse, struggle with life without what they’ve known. But this past year added a new level of loneliness and as a few health problems surfaced for my MIL, I think missing her long time spouse came to many of her thoughts.

We did gather as a family occasionally the last year....but not as often and as many as the past. Her coffee group stopped gathering when everything shut down last March and didn’t get together as often once things opened back up. Same with going for lunch with her friends from a homemakers group. She was the most devout person to her faith that I know (catholic). Not going to mass and receiving the Eucharist was very hard. She did watch televised mass but to someone of that generation there was just a hole in her life without what she had been taught and practiced all those years.

She had 1 of the most upbeat personalities I’ve known and she mostly had that this past year but the combination shutdowns, health deterioration and passing of her husband made things harder for her. She didn’t deserve that....and I know we can all say that about our own elderly that are still with us and loved ones that have passed this last year.
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