First time spraying with a rate controller
Posted 4/5/2021 22:10 (#8935726)
Subject: First time spraying with a rate controller

Rosemont ON
Picked up a new sprayer for this year with a rate controller, hardi commander with a hc2500 rate controller, previously had a tr500 and sprayed with pressure and speed method. Last year was my first time steaming 28% on the wheat and didn’t resize there was a difference between water and 28%, I was shooting 25gpa of 28% and ended up with about 22gpa. So my question is now with a rate controller do I have to set it for 28gpa to achieve 25gpa actual of 28% or will the rate controller adjust for the heavier 28% and give 25gpa if shooting for 25gpa? I went through the calibration set ups with fresh water today. Running teejet 7 hole streamers- sj7-05. TIA Hilbilly
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