Property line dispute
Posted 4/6/2021 05:11 (#8935903 - in reply to #8934980)
Subject: RE: Property line dispute

I will agree with Dublin, as Land Surveyors we deal with this almost daily. I am not in MN, but will tell you that tax accessor's etc. get things out of line all the time. Read the documents that show legal title to the property, both sides not just yours. Do they agree, or are they different? run the titles back you may find a typo where the legal types copied it wrong. Do some due diligence. Then if needed get an attorney and a surveyor, both of these will give you an opinion but only the courts can decide ownership. Adverse possession has to be outright and hostile, you are just getting to that part if people are just starting to ask questions. I tell all my clients that the only person who comes out ahead in a property dispute is the attorneys.
Remember 50 years ago there may have been a neighborly agreement to "farm it that is OK" that was forgotten when the two parties who agreed on it passed.
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