Soak Hose Question (Will it Freeze?)
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Subject: RE: Soak Hose Question (Will it Freeze?)

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TheGleaner - 3/26/2021 01:00 As per tradition, we plant potatoes on Good Friday. Always. This is the driest its ever been that I can remember. I was thinking to help hold the garden down(literally), start soaking it now, but will a soak hose freeze in the mid to upper 20s if its running?

Yes, it's not running enough to keep the flow from freezing - it'll start to "glacier" and freeze back from that point. I have 22 degrees here this morning. Yesterday morning it was about the same. Enough to freeze the gravel roads and keep from grading till 11 am  or so.

ETA: I'd likely just use a sprinkler and set it out and water it down. On a side note: Has there ever been a year the taters didn't get planted on Good Friday ? I know there's been a time or two here that they couldn't have been planted.

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