Haunted house discussion
Posted 3/24/2021 15:43 (#8913401)
Subject: Haunted house discussion

In the past I posted a thread about two houses that I stayed in as a guest on a large ranch. I had no prior knowledge that other guests had experienced strange things long before me. People who worked on the ranch eventually told me much later that they were afraid to be around the houses at night. But the bigger house they were most afraid of at night. They couldn’t believe I was brave enough to walk alone at night all over and up and down the dirt road. You did have to watch for skunks and venemous snakes.

When they questioned if I had seen any ghosts, I didn’t let on to the workers that I had indeed experienced odd things. What I didn’t realize until after leaving was there was something else that occurred. There was a tool I had left in a back bedroom closet while staying there alone. In that same bedroom there was always this constant feeling of something watching me as I slept. The sliding doors would open by themselves. I’d shut them over and over again. That’s the least of what all occurred.

What can’t be explained away is how a threaded bolt with nuts and other hardware unscrews completely by itself. That just doesn’t happen. When I moved out there was an unfamiliar bolt laying on the bedroom floor. I was busy packing to leave and didn’t realize that bolt came from the tool I had left on a shelf in the closet. The bolts and nuts were all tight and in place when the tool was placed on the shelf. I left the bolt behind on a counter because I didn’t recognize it.

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