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Facebook is good for whatever you want it to be. If you want to connect with family and friends, share and see pictures of kids, grandkids, etc, it's perfect for that. If you want it to be a political cesspool it can do that. If you want to follow a hobby, or farmers from all over the world, it's great for that. Its like a gigantic coffee shop on a Saturday morning. You can pick the tables you want to sit at.

Exactly. Most people who hate on it don't understand how to run it. You can block people and businesses that you don't want to hear from and largely narrow it down to a few friends and family if you want to.
I also belong to a couple of associations with members throughout the country. We use Facebook to organize events, discuss plans and ideas and even take votes on things. These pages are private and you can't join unless you are invited and even if you search for the pages you won't find them.

Interesting - - - - - even your private pages are being monitored by mr Z's gang for advertising purposes.
EVERYTHING on mr Z's emporium is about converting what you do into advertising $$$$ for mr Z and gang.
I have an account there and mostly used that to participate in some groups sharing some of my interests.
Running a couple different blocking programs on my browser and that has made using mr Z's emporium very very awkward and and times impossible.
NOTHING is allowed to come between mr Z's emporium and your words - - - - NOTHING!
I have given myself a holiday from access at present.
Would like to continue with the groups - - - - right now its looking like my desire to not be part of the giant data slurp that accompanies so much of what we do today is going to trump my need for those groups.

If mr Z is monitoring the stuff I put one Facebook he's going to be pretty damned bored.

Maybe so - - - - but he knows enough about you so that he can tell how you vote - - - - before the election.
There's a lot of other things he knows about you - - - - - likely far more than you might even dream about!!
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