Texas Freeze Damage Pics - Wheat
Posted 2/21/2021 19:40 (#8849674)
Subject: Texas Freeze Damage Pics - Wheat

First few pics are about 7 days before the cold spell after topdressing. Wheat came up around first week of November.

The next pics are from yesterday after it thawed out. I think we got down around 0 deg F a few nights and were below freezing for almost a week straight. We had alot of soil moisture prior the storm. During the storm we got enough snow to cover all the wheat/straw but the snow was pretty dry and blew around alot. The worse damage is on top of terraces. Any thoughts? Never had to deal with something like this before. Kinda bummed because it was all looking so well....

Last two pics are in the same field...with basically no visible damage.

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