Running Row cleaners planting 15" soybeans in corn stalks
Posted 2/21/2021 13:22 (#8848741)
Subject: Running Row cleaners planting 15" soybeans in corn stalks

Northwest IL
This has been talked about before but I have ran a Kinze planter for 20+ years set up for 15". I plant only 500 acres of corn with this as it isn't our main corn planter but I do plant 2500 acres of beans or more annually. I have gotten to where I take the row cleaners all the way off the corn rows because even in the top raised position they still throw residue where the pusher rows were just planted. Planting into once VT'd corn stalks and I hear some guys on here saying they are running row cleaners on all rows but I can't imagine the amount of residue you would be covering the push rows with besides the extra trash you have to clear as the front rows would have just piled there residue where the back ones would be planted(compounding the amount to go back out over the front rows when the rear ones come by). I would like to plant into a cleaner seed bed but have never thought about running row cleaners in 15" rows. I plant beans at 6mph and slowing down to 3mph to limit trash movement really isn't an option. TIA for you thoughts on this and past experiences.
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