Applying micros with planter?
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Subject: RE: Applying micros with planter?

WC Mn/Dakotas
Iceman56 - 2/22/2021 08:46

GOOSEPILOT - 2/21/2021 23:24

No I stay independent and just consult and soil sample and promote and assist growers in vrt applications. I look at it as a very customized system. Yes infurrow is typically more expensive per unit and there are risks. But there is efficiency and risks are manageable if you understand and factor everything correctly you can improve the roi. I'm not trying to feed the crop all year infurrow, just enough to safely get to proper soil temps. That's it. Then the macros infurrow get credited as a band efficiency based on complete soil samples and a higher understanding of soil interactions and subtracted from an already lean fairly well known total required. The 4Rs put into more serious practices.

Goose If your just trying to feed the plant until soil temp is adequate what do you think of these new pulsing systems that you could put a smaller amount (say 2 gallons) of low salt starter in a condensed 2” band right over the seed? Saving money and time on full ups... Is 2 gallons of say 6-24-6 enough?

That's going to depend on your population, but yes it probably would suffice.
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