Max Yield/New Coop “unification” study
Posted 2/22/2021 20:54 (#8851973 - in reply to #8850564)
Subject: RE: Max Yield/New Coop “unification” study

Illinois Steve - 2/22/2021 08:35 Remember this. You are the owners of these companies. If you truly think a proposed merger is not in the best interests of those who own the companies, get out and work against it. It isn't easy and requires a lot of work but I have seen these mergers be defeated. Find out how a company's members vote their stock and what it takes as a percentage to stop a merger. Then you have a target. The rest it is doing your homework and having your facts straight. Start knocking on doors or making appointments to talk to share holders about why this is a bad idea. It can be done but it isn't easy.

Defeating a merger is like defeating a school bond issue.     If they don't get the first one passed, they'll come back with another one.

Both are like playing "whack a mole", they keep popping up faster and faster until they win.

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