Farm land to rent in Central Michigan
Posted 2/23/2021 08:06 (#8852594 - in reply to #8852152)
Subject: RE: Farm land to rent in Central Michigan

Your comment and Your questions are all time stamped after he had already answered them. Nice try. Question 1,2,3 already was answered.

Question 4, I never said forget, figure out away to use it in your favor.

5. Your assumption is correct. I have not had rented land taken but I have lost out at auctions several times on land I wanted to purchase. Learned lessons from it and figured out ways to be top bidder in the future.
We try and do our best and we have had sellers come to us later.

6. American way is the same answer as number 4. Find a way to profit from it.

The whole point of my post was don't let the hate consume you. I had a guy I went to college with tell me his goal every morning he gets up was to find a way to piss off his neighbors. What a way to exist.

Sorry if it hit a nerve.
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