Farm land to rent in Central Michigan
Posted 2/21/2021 18:32 (#8849472 - in reply to #8848289)
Subject: RE: Farm land to rent in Central Michigan

Yanny - 2/21/2021 08:48

We had 250 organic acres in 2020. This year a total of 580 will be certified. I didn’t start any transition last year but am debating still on starting 104 more this year to be certified by 2023. So we have been deliberately taking it slow to adjust to the learning curve. It is more work and people say 3 times what conventional farming is and I would say that is somewhat accurate but we aren’t trying to cultivate with a John Deere A and 4 row cultivator. You also have to have storage so we have built 1 30,000 Bu bin and are putting up a 12,000 Bu this summer. It’s a long term commitment not a get rich quick scheme. I think 2600 acres organic is doable but we are just going to keep transitioning at a slow rate as long as the profits are there. We do only grow non gmo food grade soys and black beans so we already are doing value added farming. We did hire a full time employee last spring so we have help and I have 3 boys that I hope love farming as much as I do ( they seem to so far). Maybe this is how they can have a career and income farming. I lot of parents just tell their kids there’s no room for them but it’s really because they don’t want the hassle. I’m trying to think ahead for them too.

You are thinking right. Most farm operation have extra income that can be produced without adding more acres to bring the next generation into the operation. From cost savings and adding value to what is produced. $50 cost savings + $50 more income from adding value, is pretty good chunk of change on 2600 acres.
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