Good (Cheap) 2 in 1 Tablet?
Posted 2/11/2021 08:07 (#8823762 - in reply to #8823453)
Subject: RE: Good (Cheap) 2 in 1 Tablet?

Eastern North Carolina

With tablets and wives (or any user of the device), size matters! And size is a big factor in price.

I was never a big fan of Apple but their prices came down significantly from what they were and they seem to be good devices and relatively user friendly. When I was in IT and we were discussing networking equipment options, there was a common adage that was often spoken -  "Nobody ever got fired for buying Cisco." I think the same can be said for Apple. Not the cheapest - but sort of the standard for tablets.

Many of the cheaper tablets we purchased were not well utilized. The important thing for any technology is to make sure the user likes it up front. If they don't - it "won't work" for them and will not be well utilized. Utilization always seems to follow personal preference. I think most any bluetooth kb will work - I'm guessing pretty much all tablets come with bluetooth now.

What price range and size and are you considering? And I'm assuming you are talking about a pure tablet when you say "regluar tablet" - not some type of convertible like a Surface (which was my favorite portable device) because it could truly double as a workstation.

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