Posted 2/10/2021 06:46 (#8820855 - in reply to #8817605)
Subject: RE: UHDTV

Yorkshire UK

CerealBeer - 2/9/2021 01:33

Go to setup and scan for broadcast channels.

It should go through a set up routine and do this anyway after perhaps one or two confirmation questions though.
It's possible only stronger channels will be received but if the aerial worked previously at least some should be detected.
There's an indoor aerial here but since the roof insulation was redone with material which as foil on one side I had to move it to a spare bedroom!
There is only one exact spot in the wall it gets adequate signal through.
Then if it rains and the exterior gets wet it goes off for a few hours.
Getting good terrestial TV reception is something of a black art and reflected signals and other oddities often come into play.

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