How to connect two computers
Posted 2/8/2021 19:02 (#8817297 - in reply to #8817064)
Subject: RE: How to connect two computers

North west MN
I use a program called I drive. It is a online backup program. My situation is this my desktop with my quickbooks is in the house my sons laptop is in his office in our shop with his quickbooks on it. I drive has a option to share folders. So we have a farm 2020 folder in the shared folder and started a farm 2021 folder and we have that in what idrive calls our farms shared folder. So if he scans a grain scale ticket or bill he puts it in the our/farm/shared/folder/2021/Grain tickets. So when he scans it or files it it goes in the shared folder and it automatically put it in my computer in the house. That way we can always access each other's files even if I am a 1000 miles away. We keep our quickbooks separate as thinking there might be some issues. Also this could get a little mixed up if you worked on a spreadsheet and didn't save it then went to access it on the other computer. The other easy way you could do that might be the best for you is a program called team viewer. With team viewer you would log onto the other computer just like you were sitting in front of it and you would be operating the other computer remotely would probably have one computer be the main computer and the other would just access it. Probably other ways too just the two that I have had success with
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