The worst of computer luck this month
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Subject: RE: The worst of computer luck this month

dpilot 83

Not to sidetrack but my nephew and I are going to build my next PC after I successfully recovered from a black screen non bootable issue with this Windows 7 machine.

Installed a clean new drive and wrote Linux Mint to it. That allowed me to read all my files on the bricked 7 drive and copy them over. I had a cloned Windows 7 drive that got me part way back to restored but it was about a year and a half back from being current. I think I recovered everything but it was a slow process.

Nephew built his own PC in last year of college and it is blazing fast as he likes online gaming, browsing and spreadsheet crunching. I'm tired fo the proprietary stuff and bloatware that comes on new PC's

So my question, since you helped me so much before in getting a clean Windows 7 install up and going when I got this PC new from Dell and disliked their partition and recovery mod, is cloning still possible ? 

If I buy the install license fro Windows 10 can I still clone that to a second drive for backup purposes or have they somehow closed that possibility down ?

Nephew suggested I could upgrade current 7 to 10 and use that license on new PC. I said no did that once before from 95 to ME and that was worst move ever. Plus that would invariably screw something up as I still want to run this 7 machine as well. 1 license running 2 machines would somehow break something I am sure.

Thanks for any input on the cloning of Windows 10

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