The worst of computer luck this month
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Subject: RE: The worst of computer luck this month


Have a 16” MacBook Pro that my wife closed on a cord and cracked the screen. Haven’t had the need for apple care for 3 decades so haven’t taken apple care. Replacement display over 1000. We’re now running the laptop in clamshell mode using a 24” dell monitor with usb c hub so accessories and laptop are run and powered from the 90 watt usb c power supplied by the monitor. Turned a nice laptop into a desktop.

That said I would still take it to a place like Tech Associates in Iowa City. they took a look at our MacBook Pro, they are apparently an approved apple service center. If apple support couldn’t guide you through a procedure to make your drive come alive perhaps Tech Associates with hands on the computer can give you some suggestions or repair options.

The Genius Bar in Des Moines might have a few tricks to try but Des Moines is a bit of a hike from fry town. I does seem dumb that apple would change to a soldered ssd. There was a time it didn’t take long to change drives and memory on their laptops. I see they are arguing the drive is more reliable when soldered to the motherboard!!!

Hope you have your laptop backed up with “Time Machine.”

I do know apples can be booted and run over a network. Users on a network can log onto their files and settings on any computer on the network then. I do understand the T2 security might be an issue on newer Macs if you are trying to boot from an external drive.

A few decades ago a 4 year old laptop was obsolete. Back then when everything doubled, speed, data storage etc every year it was a bit expensive to keep current.

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