Who wants a Raspberry Pi Zero W?
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Don't call it a 'gator, it's a Ranger
I'll throw my name in the hat. I've been doing some projects with Arduino boards and have experienced some success along with the usual frustration at times.

My latest projects involve using Bluetooth modules with an Arduino for remote control of various things such as spray boom control for checking tips, garage door openers etc. where I use my phone as the remote.

I'll be showing off my Batch Maker that should show the running batch total a I'm mixing batches for my sprayer. I'll wait on that until I feel it is completely successful. My tests seem encouraging. A former Coworkers son is into 3-D printing and he sent me pictures of the brackets he printed to hold my 7 segment displays in a project box. It remains to be seen if I've covered all the bases with the project. I'm finding the old line about the last 10% of a project takes 90% of the time.

I've never messed with Raspberry Pi but have heard about them. I don't know that I have a specific project in mind but I am curious.

Below is a picture of the phone app that I plan on using for the Boom Spray Checker. This should allow me to pick a test configuration on my Ag Leader system, start the pump, set the throttle and crawl out to check the booms. I should be able to use the phone and this app to turn ON/OFF any boom. Bluetooth has limited range which is actually desired for this application.

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