Ppp loans
Jeff@JR Production
Posted 1/14/2021 02:11 (#8749621 - in reply to #8748914)
Subject: RE: Ppp loans

Chatfield/St Charles, MN fertility based on ENERGY
I love this bunch? Wow, so you know what every neighbor is going through and can believe you have the ability to talk bad about what they do or don't do? Seriously why is this industry so worried about what someone else does? My grandfather told me a long time ago that if you have that much time on your hands to worry about what XYZ Farms is doing, we have a few more calf pens I could clean. What the heck is wrong with minding your own darn business and just being happy with what someone else is doing. I'm so blessed that I have no time to go to the coffee shop or feed store and talk trash about a BOT to STO that has hardship, but rather than defending someone, we all pill on and throw the poor sob under the bus. I, for one, will not participate in this bullying for lack of better words. Good luck. The one I really loved was the noise guy who posted how to find what everyone got. What is this a sickness or what can't keep our nose out of others business.
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