Creep feeding oats to calves on wheat.
Schram Cattle Co
Posted 1/13/2021 19:25 (#8748900 - in reply to #8747481)
Subject: RE: Creep feeding oats to calves on wheat.

MB, Canada
I tried 4 years of creep feeding calves (500-600 lbs) free choice whole oats while they were still on the cows and selling off the cows. Kept having to push the days on feed back because they would usually get a bit fleshy. Averaged about 8-10 lbs a day over a 70 day period, so some were likely eating 12-15 by the end. Eventually had a year where I found 2 dead right at the feeder 2 weeks apart. Opened the 2nd up and he likely had 30-40 lbs of oats in his gut. If I did it again now I'd make sure to include rumensin, a bag of 38% calcium per 100 bu, and maybe even some salt to limit them a bit.
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