Creep feeding oats to calves on wheat.
Posted 1/13/2021 09:43 (#8747636 - in reply to #8747481)
Subject: RE: Creep feeding oats to calves on wheat.

I have started calves off on creep feeder before, I close the feeder until there is a few kernels that can fall out and the calves can lick the grain out a little at a time. Other option is to mix with salt to limit grain intake. I have never done this, but my neighbor does it all the time. Check the manure to see if some calves are getting to much. Do not let them have free access to all they can eat and fill the feeder before it has run out if you are continuing this way. You will loose one if they have free access or if the feeder runs out. I have not done this in a few years, I prefer to wean on good hay in a self feeder then move to bunks. Seems as if there is always one who gets to much then they get sick from going off feed and get the whole pen sick. I have had much better luck with self feeding good hay.
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