Just a friendly warning for anyone using CFL style bulbs.
Posted 1/13/2021 08:16 (#8747394 - in reply to #8747362)
Subject: RE: Just a friendly warning for anyone using CFL style bulbs.

Just a heads up about the LED bulbs.

That 60w "replacement" that only uses 10w may or may not put out as much light as a 60w incandescent.   

Doesn't matter much in a home but take the same thing and apply it to the 100w "replacement" bulbs x 30 or 40 bulbs in a hog building and you lose a lot of lumens.

Same thing applied to the CFL's also.    23w bulbs were often (and still are @ Hog Slat) sold as 100w replacements but they put out less light, 26w cfl's were actually the proper size for replacing a 100w bulb.

Also, LED's tend to not spread the light as far.   Can lead to dark spots between lights if your lights were spaced for incandescent bulbs.

If I could still get 4 packs of 100w incandescent bulbs for $1.00, my hog buildings would still have 100% incandescent bulbs.   CFL's and LED's may save electric but they don't last long enough to offset their higher purchase price.   Sometimes I wonder if they even last any longer than the old 100w bulbs did in the harsh environment of a hog barn.    I replaced a 100w incandescent bulb in a finisher the other day.  It would be interesting to know how long it had been in there as I haven't put any of those in in several years.

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