Vaccine or not
John Burns
Posted 1/13/2021 10:47 (#8747756 - in reply to #8747725)
Subject: RE: believing in science vs believing in what is true

Pittsburg, Kansas
So would you watch a Youtube video put out by John Force or Austin Coil?

That is why I tell everyone not to believe what I say, do their own due dilligence. The links I post are often times by top experts in their field. Guys like Dr Benjamin Bikman who spends his entire career on research about insulin. He is one of the top authorities in his field. Every diabetic should know his name and watch the video's he is in. He has found he can reach a few hundred or thousand people through his teaching carreer and a handful of other scientists who read his research papers. But he can reach tens of thousands or perhaps hundreds of thousands and get his good research out to the people that need it most through social media, particularly Youtube.

If you are not utilizing Youtube for learning about new science, it is like being a hundred and fifty years ago and saying you don't need to learn to read and don't read books.

The media is just another way of accessing the experts in their fields. Those who shun using it are the ones stuck in the old, flat, world.


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