The Internet vs history.
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Subject: RE: The Internet vs history.

Faunsdale, AL
My question to you and everyone else that believes there is some coverup or conspiracy involving the recent election or vaccinations or aliens from space is SHOW me (and everyone else) the evidence.

In more than 2 months since the election, this evidence that’s supposedly out there is still unavailable. What has been presented in court cases has not stood up to any scrutiny by a judge, not even to examination by an opposing lawyer because the challenges haven’t ever gotten that far.

The mainstream press which is much maligned in some circles is still a competetive business. Don’t you think some reporters and editors somewhere or surely in several places would have been able to get the scoop of the century by digging out the evidence of voter fraud and it would be splashed all over the national news by now.

There’s no reason that an ambitious prosecutor somewhere couldn’t take that kind of evidence and make a career enhancing bombshell from successfully bringing it to a court. It’s been two months now and nobody has done any of that

People are ambitious and resourceful and there’s no way that after more than 2 months everybody in the whole country has failed to dig up the dirt on the election.

At some point the losing side has to get over being butt hurt and move on to preparing for the next election. You might not like the example but look at what Stacy Abrams did after losing the governors race in Georgia. Since that loss, and she did lose, She mobilized a voter registration drive to counter what she considered voter suppression and the results are that the state flipped democratic for the first time in decades. There’s a civics lesson in that if you’re willing to learn.

Unfortunately Ms Abrams didn’t concede the election she lost. I think the president refused to concede for much the same’s a way to keep your base of supporters energized (and making contributions) instead of moving on.

Oh, Did I mention it’s been more than 2 months since the election?

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