Salt and low carb
John Burns
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Subject: alternate night time drink

Pittsburg, Kansas
Wife and I neither were coffee drinkers. A cup once in a while at a resturant at breakfast or something and that was it.

When we went low carb that cut out a bunch of the drinks we were used to drinking. We increased our water but we still liked the taste of something. So we started drinking coffee at home which we almost never did before. We got where we enjoy it now, albeit most people would label it baby coffee because we drink it about half strength.

We try to cut the caffene laden coffee off around noon so we don't over stimulate our adrenalin system. Sometimes we will have decaf in the evening after the meal, but have found even the limited caffene that is in decaf will sometimes keep us awake.

Long story to get here, but the point is we were looking for a different warm evening drink. Enter bullion. We have found a cup of warm bullion satisfies us similar to the cup of decaf. It is high in salt which is satisfying in itself (low carb eating needs more salt than high carb) and the warm liquid goes down well an hour of so after the evening meal. Beef, chicken or a mixture works well. Cubes are ok but wife likes the jars of it and spoon out the strength we want.

Kind of goes along with the salt theme of the post above.

Just a tip for those on low carb that finds their drink options have narrowed.


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