Sprayer monitor update
Posted 1/10/2021 11:35 (#8739397 - in reply to #8738942)
Subject: RE: Sprayer monitor update

Akron, Colorado
The master/slave display sounds exactly like what I want to do.

Right now the planting tractor we’re getting is bare so I thought it made the most sense to set it up as Ag Leader. However, the other tractor on the farm is set up with a pro 700 which I hate. The main reason for looking at an Ag Leader setup is to control row clutches that are not so ISO friendly.

The other option on the planter was to set it up identical to the other tractor with a pro 700, export gps and use a precision planting 2020 to control it. Lots of harnessing and such changes is the downside of course. This would solve my rowcommand clutch issue but wouldn’t solve the a-b line sharing for the sprayer. Kinda a steep cost for a dedicated planter monitor also.

How long does it take to swap out your monitor from sprayer or tractor to combine?

I suppose if I had a PP 2020 and pro 700 I could use fieldview for hybrid as planted maps and have a-b lines shared from tractor to combine (which is also a pro 700). Still the sprayer part of the puzzle is there. Hmmm
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