Connecting to a Milwaukee Fuel Battery
Posted 1/8/2021 15:40 (#8734162)
Subject: Connecting to a Milwaukee Fuel Battery

Don't call it a 'gator, it's a Ranger
A recent post mentioned using an impact battery as a power source for other items. Since I have a couple, I got to thinking that they could work to power my cameras in certain situations. The cameras run off 12V direct or a 110VAC to 12VDC adapter that I have. My Milwaukee batteries are 18V but a Buck Converter should be able to bring that down to 12V for the camera.

What I need is a loose base that a Milwaukee battery would plug into. A battery should last a day while I'm hauling while the other is charging at home. I found this on eBay. I think it would work. Any other sources?
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