Leg pain-getting old or covid?
John Burns
Posted 1/7/2021 09:27 (#8730417 - in reply to #8729965)
Subject: RE: Leg pain-getting old or covid?

Pittsburg, Kansas
Glad somebody besides me is saying it.

A person's diet has a lot more do do with how a person feels than many people realize. Or how toxic some foods can be when consumed in excess of whatever their bodies will tollerate.

I got rid of the diabetic neuropothy in my feet when I cut out most of the same foods as you. Got rid of my back/kidney pain. Got rid of my knee pain. Got rid of my fibromyalgic (sp) type pain symptoms. Got rid of the arthritis in my hands.

Diet change made a new man out of me. I feel better at 66 than I did at 55.


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