Leg pain-getting old or covid?
Posted 1/6/2021 21:20 (#8729335 - in reply to #8726420)
Subject: RE: Leg pain-getting old or covid?

Panhandle of Ne.
born_in_ad1 - 1/6/2021 06:45

Are you drinking enough water? Too much alcohol will make me ache. Are getting enough vitamins and minerals...low on potassium and calcium? I'm not sure if gout just stays in the feet or if it can affect upwards. Try some stretching. They were required when we played basketball. Hurt like all get out, but they sure stretched things out to make them limber. Over time, our body's muscles and tendons develop a memory. Trucker hands come to mind. Curling over of the hands from holding the steering wheel. Stretch fingers backwards to stretch the tendons out from their "memory".

Yes, gout can affect any joint but, seems to prefer the big toes.
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