Ride in the desert
Posted 1/6/2021 05:38 (#8726271 - in reply to #8726013)
Subject: RE: Ride in the desert

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.
Always good to have good friends and fun.

Speaking of fun
I decided to see what the dog keeps barking at(coyotes). I decided to go chase some in the Steiger.
Well, here it’s muddy.

I was enjoying playing.
Stopped in the middle of a muddy wash.
Well the dog decided he wanted in tractor.
Got half way up and fell in mud wash.

It’s 45 degrees or so at the time.
Didn’t let the dog in tractor. He followed me home.
Started getting colder.

This is about 1am at this point.
Dog scratching at door muddy/cold.
I’m not a indoor dog person.

The fun part
1am water hose washing a dog then blow drying it.

If that’s not professionalism.
I don’t know what is.

Glad to see you guys let your hair down and have fun and no snake bites.
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