2600 to 2630 decision
Posted 1/7/2021 21:22 (#8732344 - in reply to #8732025)
Subject: RE: 2600 to 2630 decision

Jackson County, AL

I think overall farmers don't really expect as much as their critics suggest.  Speaking for dad and I, we really just expect that, 1.  the equipment and subscriptions we purchased works at least as well as it did when paid for, and 2.  as long as the equipment is still functioning and/or can be repaired that we can still use what we paid for.  While we do believe, Deere has been constantly dangling a carrot in our faces with new subscriptions requiring new equipment, which requires new subscriptions;  we don't expect that everything be compatible from Greenstar 1 to Greenstar 4 or that subscriptions such as Machine Sync work with an iTC and brown box.  But, those guys that were happy running a brown box and iTC for auto steer should have been compensated for the equipment that suddenly quit functioning as purchased.  At the very least, guys shouldn't be condemned as low-IQ or out of touch old farts for feeling cheated when their still-functioning receiver is neutered.

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