Burnt popcorn smell
Posted 1/4/2021 11:42 (#8721912 - in reply to #8721738)
Subject: RE: Burnt popcorn smell

coast of Maine
If it had the fake butter flavor welcome to a carcinogen or at least a chemical that is linked to ahlziemers ,
diacetyl ,a couple dont have it but most do.Use a natural popcorn in the microwave in a reg paper bag with some butter in the bag,,Im sure you know of those who grow on here.Butter ,salt,spice,bag,popcorn on or off the cob,microwave till pop slows,watch for fire as there are no propylene glycol in the home made stuff to keep flames down if you microwave and accidently put it on the forever timer,hehe,when it smells it goes away in a couple minutes.Why do movie theaters smell like popcorn?becuse that crap has permeated the place for good.The conagra employees who died of lung disease dumping the crap in the mixer is a good sign not to buy it.I enjoy popcorn the good way and run from the free yellow colored offerings at events.
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