From vegetable harvest to meat harvest
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Subject: RE: From vegetable harvest to meat harvest

Pilot Grove, Missouri
Here is the summer sausage recipe I used.
25# of meat, I use 90% venison and 10% max of beef or pork fat, depending on what I have on hand. Have used 100% venison, but it is a bit dry.
2 cups water
2 TBS Morton Tender Quick (cure)
2/3 cup salt
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup whole mustard seed
1/4 cup ground pepper
3TBS garlic powder
3TBS ground Marjoram

I dissolve the salt, cure and other seasonings in the water and then mix well by hand with the meat. Stuff it in casings and refrigerate for at least 24 hrs. (I have seen some recipe's reccomend longer, but Morton label states 24 hrs.) I then smoke it in my homemade electric smoker until it reaches an internal temp of 160 deg F. Then remove from smoker and put in a cooler with ice water to lower the temp quickly. Then air dry for an hour or so (I do this in the refrigerator). Then enjoy or freeze.

The jerky and brats I have done so far I have just used the packages of seasonings available at Bass Pro/etc. I have almost used up all that I had bought and will be looking for recipes for those to try to make myself also.
I have decided if buying the prepackaged seasoning mixes. They cost enough that it makes it nort really worth doing it yourself. The above summer sausage recipe tastes better than any of the commercial mixes that I had previously used.
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