RFID tag readers
Russ In Idaho
Posted 11/20/2020 05:51 (#8614437)
Subject: RFID tag readers

I'm old school only keep few records pen and paper. However we are being pushed to use RFID tags coming like it or not. I've used RFID tags on calves to sell on programs. We install tags and provide tag list for all possibles on the loads. However state vets are pushing for RFID tags for breeding stock I.D. for bangs, etc. I transport cattle to pastures across statelines, It's going to be easier to just provide tag lists for vets and state to write health papers. So we are wanting to just bite the bullet and purchase a wand tag reader.

Which manufacture should we be looking at? Wanting to be able to input personal ear tag info at chute side as well as RFID to that record. Can you do this with just the wand or do they have Bluetooth wireless to cell phone or tablet at chute? I've resisted this as long as I can, but no use beating head against the wall. I'm totally fine with hot iron brands, and vet papers. But the push was made to use RFID tags for bangs and USDA on bulls etc. it's coming like or not.

Load an animal on trailer and you got a whole handful of paper work to do. Let cattle drift across state lines I'm ok as long as it's my deeded ground. Some days I would like to take regulatory agencies and give them a little old school learning.

Technology is great but at the end of the day it doesn't make a better steak nor does it keep an animal in a pasture. But wait I see they are working on GPS fencing for cattle. Won't be long and cows will be controlled with wireless fencing. Until someone forgets to pay monthly bill to some corporate and they turn your wireless fences off. I'm glad I won't have to deal with that in my lifetime, at least I hope so. Kind of making me feel like the first ranchers that got exposed to barb wire in the beginning around the late 1800's.

I remember being at a meeting 30 years ago and one big corporate ranch manager's wife bragged up they had all their cows in the computer. Another rancher spoke up and responded that's nice! I've got all my cows in the pasture, that so made me chuckle!

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