Grazing cornstalks
Posted 11/15/2020 18:46 (#8608944 - in reply to #8608878)
Subject: RE: Grazing cornstalks

Columbia City, Indiana
My son rode with my neighbor who shelled my corn and knew of a small pile they spilled, so I had the kids clean it up, was about 3 5 gallon buckets as I recall. Other than that put up the hot wire and open the gate! And be ready for the phone to ring if it’s along the road. We always get a few folks who get excited “YOUR COWS ARE OUT!” I used to be more careful about filling them with hay, but as long as the corn on the ground isn’t excessive it’s no problem. If one cow had found the pile my kids cleaned up it might have been trouble for her. I threw a couple salt blocks over the fence to them the other day. 25 cows and bull, 54 acres stalks and one big waterway, unless we get a lot of snow I don’t plan to feed them anything in 2020.
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